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Can I re-use answers from a similar previously completed questionnaire?

Yes, if you have previously completed another questionnaire you are able to re-use the answers for a new questionnaire you need to complete.

The questionnaires on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform are designed to cover a defined scope such as a location, a product or a contract. As such you may be required to complete multiple questionnaires for one or more of your customers. Where questionnaires cover policy and process information, you ma…

1. Sign in to your account on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform
2. On your dashboard, locate the existing questionnaire you wish to complete or start a new questionnaire by selecting 'Enter Invitation code' on the right hand side
3. Select 'Respond' and progress
4. Use the 're-use answers from anot…

How do I start a questionnaire?

You can start a questionnaire from your dashboard by selecting 'Enter invitation code'.

Your customer may have sent you an invitation code for a specific questionnaire that needs to be completed. If you have not already completed this questionnaire for another customer that you just need to share, you can start a new questionnaire by entering the invitation code which will trigger the…

1. Sign in to your account on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform
2. Select 'Enter the invitation code' located underneath the 'Get started' link on the Dashboard
3. Enter the invitation code that you have received
4. Continue responding to your questionnaire until completion

Should you require f…

Do I have to complete the entire SAQ again?

No, you will not have to complete the entire SAQ again if you have completed the SAQ previously as all your previous answers that are relevant to the SAQ 5.0 will have been saved.

The SAQ 5.0 will incorporate new content to reflect the growing focus on environmental and human rights practices in the supply chain due to new legislation and the need for companies to demonstrate effective due diligence in this area. As you are updating your existing answers you will see the new…

1. Sign in to your account on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform
2. Use the search box in your dashboard to locate the existing, completed questionnaire by searching with location details
3. Once located, select 'Update SAQ 5.0'
4. All your previous answers will be saved and you will be able to review…

I have registered, but I have not received an activation link to sign in?

You should receive an activation email 10 minutes after you have registered your organisation and user account. If you have not received it, first check your spam or junk folder and/or follow the 'forgotten your password?' steps.

To complete your user account registration on the platform you must first verify the email address that you registered with by using the activation link that will be emailed to this email address. This process is used to ensure that your user account is linked to your email address.

1. Locate your activation link
2. Follow the link and you will be taken to the 'email preferences'
3. Once selected, you will be able to complete your user account set up by creating a safe and secure password
4. Follow the password rules below
5. Your password must be a mix of CAPITAL and lowercas…

How can I manage my users?

You can manage your users by selecting the 'cog' displayed next to your organisations name on your dashboard.

If you have the 'User Manager' permission then you are able to manage, review existing users along with their permissions and if required, add more.
You are in charge of managing the users and the data you want them to be able to view and share. You are also able to provide other users with the 'Use…

1. Sign in to your account on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform
2. On the dashboard, select the cog, shown next to your organisation's name
3. On the right hand side, select 'Manage your users'
4. The screen now will show you all existing users and to view their permissions or change them, select 'vie…

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