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What is the difference between encryption at rest and encryption in transit?

Answer Encryption at rest is like storing your data in a vault, encryption in transit is like putting it in an armored vehicle for transport. Background For encryption in transit, the data is encrypted before transmission; the computer system endpoints are then authenticated; and the data is decr…

What is the difference between hardware and software tokens?

Answer A hardware token is a small physical device. A software token is a virtual piece of software that is installed on a users electronic device, such as a mobile phone. Both tokens generate a single-use code to use when accessing a platform.   Background Two-factor authentication is a securi…

What is the Cyber CS-1 Guideline?

Answer A common set of minimum security guidelines created by a team of OEM Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) including FCA, Ford, General Motors, Honda, and facilitated by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), which apply to all 3rd Parties who handle an OEM's data in an external e…

Why have I received an invitation to complete a questionnaire?

Answer You have received an invitation because one of your customers would like you to complete a questionnaire or share a questionnaire that you or someone from your organization has already completed on the platform.   Background Your customer(s) may need you to complete a questionnaire on th…

What is the Cyber Virtual Audit?

Answer An external vulnerability scan of any internet facing systems to idenitfy whether they could be open to attack, plus the ability to scan on a frequent basis to provide ongoing cyber assurance. Background The Cyber Virtual Audit scans given IP addresses/domain names and logs any identified…

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