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How do I start a questionnaire without an invitation code?

Answer If you do not have an invitation code, you can still start a questionnaire by choosing the relevant 'start questionnaire' link on the right-hand side of your dashboard.   Background Your customer(s) may need you to complete a questionnaire on the platform about a topic or policy area tha…

Where do I put the invitation code?

Answer Go to the 'Enter invitation code' page from your Options on the Dashboard.   Background Your customer(s) may need you to complete a questionnaire on the platform about a topic or policy area that is important to them. This may be a mandatory requirement as part of their supplier selectio…

How do I share my completed questionnaire answers with an invitation code?

Answer Find the questionnaire that you want to respond to on your Dashboard and press 'Share'.   Background Strict sharing controls ensures that only approved users on your organization account can share questionnaire data with a buyer and data sharing can be managed and edited at any time thro…

I tried to apply the invitation code, but receive an error message stating 'the code is invalid' - what should I do?

Answer Please contact support by raising a ticket or via Live Chat. We will assist you in this matter.   Background There are multiple possible reasons for this error message to have appeared. To determine the underlying issue and have this solved for you, please contact the Supplier Assurance…

I have accidentally entered my invitation code for the wrong location - how can I undo this?

Answer If you have accidentally used your invitation code for the wrong location, raise a ticket.   Background Invitation codes are intended for single use and so it is important to ensure you share the correct questionnaire with your customer. Should you have accidentally entered your code for…

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