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To support the introduction of SAQ 5.0, SUPPLIERASSURANCE has been hosting a series of online briefings to outline the changes in more detail and explain how suppliers can prepare.

We have seen a phenomenal response to the briefings from users of the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform seeking to learn about SAQ 5.0, with briefings often reaching full capacity within hours of publication. As a result of the interest, we’ve collated a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the SAQ 5.0 update to facilitate users’ understanding of the changes and what they can expect when SAQ 5.0 launches.


Can I access the materials used during the briefing sessions?

Yes, you can access all materials referenced or used in the briefings on our dedicated SAQ page on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE website at On this page you can download the presentation slides and the SAQ 4.0 to SAQ 5.0 Change Record, and watch the recordings of the completed sessions in all listed languages at any time.



I recently completed an SAQ 4.0. Do I need to update to an SAQ 5.0 straight away? How long will my SAQ 4.0 score stay valid?

There is no expiry date for your SAQ 4.0 score and there is currently no universal deadline for suppliers to update to an SAQ 5.0 on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform. However, Buyers will directly communicate with their suppliers regarding any specific deadline they decide to set.



How will the Minimum Scope be defined?

The Minimum Scope questions refer to questions that are defined as a minimum requirement for specific industries and size of organisation. Minimum Scope questions are defined depending on the NACE® categories selected in Profile Details section in Question 0e in SAQ 5.0. In addition to the prerequisite Minimum Scope questions, suppliers have the opportunity to answer all optional questions outside of the Minimum Scope to demonstrate wider sustainability performance to Buyers. These questions are not mandatory, but may be requested to be completed directly by Buyers.



What is the difference between the Minimum Scope rating and Sustainability rating?

The Minimum Scope rating relates to the rating suppliers achieve by answering Minimum Scope questions, which are mandatory to answer as a minimum requirement for their specific industry.

The Sustainability Score consists of both the score achieved against the Minimum Scope questions as well as those outside the Minimum Scope, i.e optional questions.

The total SAQ 5.0 Rating is made up of both the Minimum Scope and Sustainability ratings.



Is there benefit in answering optional questions, in addition to the Minimum Scope questions?

Minimum Scope questions are the questions that must be answered as a minimum requirement for a specific industry or organisation size. Answering questions outside of the Minimum Scope is optional, but it still contributes to the Sustainability Score and therefore the total SAQ 5.0 Rating. This is beneficial in demonstrating wider sustainability performance and a commitment to continuous improvement and remediation.



What rating do I need to achieve in order to pass?

The Minimum Scope Rating ranges from A to F and Buyers will communicate with suppliers regarding the rating they are prepared to accept. Buyers may also demand specific requirements to be met in addition to the mandatory Minimum Scope questions.



Does the new scoring mean that only a 100% score can get an A rating?

No, suppliers will be able to achieve an A in their Minimum Scope Rating when they positively answer all Minimum Scope questions and secure all marks within it. 

Achieving 100% in the Sustainability score requires the supplier to achieve all marks within the Minimum Scope and any optional questions outside the Minimum Scope.



Is it possible to have some kind of official certificate with our score in order to communicate with other potential customers?

Yes, once an SAQ 5.0 is completed and validated, a downloadable SAQ 5.0 Rating report is available which details the total SAQ 5.0 Rating. The report also contains all the answers declared in the related SAQ 5.0 response. This SAQ 5.0 Rating report can also be accessed by Buyers who use SUPPLIERASSURANCE. The report can also be shared with new potential customers to demonstrate sustainability performance and dedication to the management of supply chain due diligence.



Will anything entered under SAQ 4.0 automatically be migrated to SAQ 5.0?

Yes, any answers input into an SAQ 4.0 answer sheet even if it is still in RESPONDING and hasn’t been submitted, will be migrated to SAQ 5.0. Once SAQ 5.0 launches, users will no longer be able to complete an SAQ 4.0 and will be required to provide answers to new questions and upload new evidence to achieve an SAQ 5.0 Rating.



Who will have the Assessor permission? How can I claim this permission for myself?

The Assessor permission provides users with the functionality to lock a defined set of question answers across their organisations' SAQs.The Assessor permission is already given to those users with the User Manager permission. User Managers also have the authority to give the Assessor permission to other users on their organisation account. The first user to register on an organisation account is also given the Assessor permission as part of the registration process.

If you believe that you should have the Assessor permission for your organisation, you can contact the SUPPLIERASSURANCE Support team via LiveChat or raise a ticket within the platform.



Will details of the reasons why a supporting document was rejected be provided?

Yes, once an SAQ is validated, a user can access all the ‘gaps’ that have been raised against the  uploaded evidence. The gaps will provide details on the reasons why the documents have been rejected or do not support the relevant answer option.



Is it possible to upload more than one document as evidence?

No, evidence to support an SAQ 5.0 requirement must be unambiguous and clear, therefore we only allow one document upload per question. If there are multiple pieces of supporting evidence, these can be merged into one document for upload so that they can be considered together when validated. Please ensure that merged documents do not contradict each other.



What are the supported languages for evidence upload within SAQ 5.0 and will this be increased?

SAQ 5.0 will accept the following languages for uploaded evidence documents: English, Chinese Mandarin, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. SUPPLIERASSURANCE is looking to include further supported languages in the future. The SAQ itself is also available in an additional 9 languages, and the platform is available in over 20 languages.



How will my Conflict Minerals Sourcing Assessment & CO2 Emissions Report be affected by SAQ 5.0?

Suppliers will be asked to upload their CMRT and EMRT directly within the SAQ 5.0, instead of completing the separate Conflict Minerals Sourcing Assessment. All other questionnaires will not be affected.


Do I have to be invited by a Buyer to create an SAQ 5.0 questionnaire?

No, it is free for anyone to register on SUPPLIERASSURANCE and create an SAQ 5.0. A user can answer all questions and upload evidence where required, however, the SAQ will not be validated or produce a score unless it is shared with a Buyer. Once it is shared with a Buyer, the SAQ 5.0 will be automatically validated and moved into COMPLETED status. Suppliers are encouraged to create an SAQ 5.0 in readiness to share when requested by a Buyer.



Will the whole service remain free of charge?

Yes, the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform will remain free of charge for suppliers.


If we want to use SAQ 5.0 for our suppliers, is there any contact to get an offer?

Yes, to find out more and request a demo of the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform, please visit our website


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