SAQ 4.0 Now Available

The most widely adopted automotive supplier assurance standard


Introducing CBQ 2.0

For companies and organizations that care about their
responsibility as much as their returns


Starting with SAQ 4.0

Complete once and share with many buyers in Europe and North America


Purpose-built multilingual platform for supply chain risk assessment and transparency.

Trusted by global brands


locations assessed


countries covered


assessments every month

A scalable cost-effective SaaS solution to assess supply chain risk and drive improvement.

Understand & benchmark your suppliers' performance

Our platform allows you to baseline the performance of your supply base across a range of subject areas and monitor the improvement over time. We give you a tangible way of reporting how your suppliers are addressing key risk areas in their organisations so you can understand their impact on your business.

Consistently engage thousands of suppliers

Using our cloud-based platform, load a list of suppliers into the platform and let the technology do the rest. Our workflow technology engages with the stakeholders at the right time. Assess the whole supply chain and improve supplier performance with little or no in-house resource.

Drive improvement and business impact

Push good practice down multiple supply chain tiers and produce comprehensive corporate reporting. Our technology helps to identify gaps in supply chain policy and practice at every level and offers guidance on best practice for improvement. Tailored corrective action plans are issued to suppliers to ensure they know exactly what to do to improve and reduce their risk to your business.

Gain actionable insights into supply chain opportunities & risks

Improve performance, boost efficiency and reduce risks with powerful supply chain intelligence. Our platform provides robust analysis, based on supplier assessment and expert third party data so you can deeply understand even the most complex supply chains and protect your brand, business, people and the planet.

Supply Chain Mapping

  • Gain visibility of your whole supply chain with minimal effort - let the platform do the work.
  • Identify your sub-tier suppliers - visualise the supply chain from raw material to finished product.
  • Identify potential risks such as pinch points and weak links.
  • Build supply chain resilience.

Supply chain risks come in all shapes and sizes.

Use one platform to give you the visibility you need to identify & manage them.

Let us show you the power of our platform.

Let us give you a live demonstration of our platform to demonstrate how we can help you identify, assess and mitigate the risk in your supply chain.

We will show you the power of our platform and how you can use it to your competitive advantage.

Our platform
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