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What is the Cyber Virtual Audit?


An external vulnerability scan of any internet facing systems to idenitfy whether they could be open to attack, plus the ability to scan on a frequent basis to provide ongoing cyber assurance.


The Cyber Virtual Audit scans given IP addresses/domain names and logs any identified vulnerabilities. By providing the relevant domain names/IP addresses for your internet facing systems, a comprehensive virtual audit will be undertaken to verify that appropriate vulnerability threat protection has been undertaken.

The Cyber Virtual Audit will log any identified vulnerabilities and a report will be created for access and review. The report will detail the specific vulnerability identified and how remedial action might be taken to rectify it.


1. Go to 'Sign in' from the 'Home' page

2. Select 'Your dashboard'

3. Click on the 'Start Cyber Virtual Audit' hyperlink under the 'Get started' menu


If you have any further questions regarding the SupplierAssurance platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

NQC will aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days.

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