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A company policy refers to their approach to a given issue and contains general principles. A policy may include components such as prohibited behaviours, rights and dispute procedures. A Health and Safety Policy establishes company activity that is legal, as well as ethical, in full compliance with all laws and regulations. It explains the responsibilities and obligation of managers and employees to comply with the relevant legal requirements.


A Health and Safety Policy document outlines a company's guidelines to operate in a safe and secure manner. This policy document states principles designed by a company to help all employees, suppliers, sub-contractors, stakeholders, or others in every company decision. A Health and Safety Policy may also be found within CSR policies and statements and/or a Code of Conduct if it covers relevant issues. It may be a policy document from the parent company or headquarters rather than the individual location.


1. Go to your dashboard on SupplierAssurance
2. Find the questionnaire you have been working on by using the search functionality
3. Select 'Respond' and progress to reference 7 by selecting 'Next'
4. Select 'Yes' and select 'Choose File' and upload your Health and Safety Policy

If you have any further questions regarding the SupplierAssurance platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

NQC will aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days.

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