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How can I see what documents are accepted for my validation?


The list of accepted documents are presented on the right hand side under the 'Uploads we accept' heading.



When a supplier has completed the SAQ, the questionnaire will go to validation. This is where all of the documents that have been uploaded by the supplier will be validated within 5 working days by the Supplier Assurance validation team. All documents that the validation team accept are listed throughout the 'Responding' stage of the SAQ under the 'Uploads we accept' heading. 



1. Go to your dashboard on SupplierAssurance

2. Select the 'Locations' tab and either 'Respond' to your existing questionnaire or start a new questionnaire

3. When you are responding to a question that requires a document upload for validation, the 'Uploads we accept' heading will be visible on the right hand side of the page

4. This will list all of the documents that are accepted by the validation team


If you have any further questions regarding the SupplierAssurance platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

NQC will aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days.

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