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How do I share the Cyber Virtual Audit?


You can access the sharing options for any questionnaire using the ‘share’ link on the questionnaire tile. To share the Cyber Virtual Audit, you will need to add a sharing request using the ‘share with a buyer’ option from the ‘sharing’ screen. Enter the buyer name that you would like to share with, and click ‘share’.

Once done, you will need to specify how you would like to share your Cyber Virtual Audit results. To do this, click on ‘sharing’ in the crumb trail to take you back to the sharing screen, find the relevant buyer on this page and click on ‘Share audit results’. From here, you can choose to share no data, a summary (which contains a count of the vulnerabilities identified and the associated threat levels) or the detailed record (which enables your buyer to download the full Cyber Virtual Audit report, showing a detailed list of the vulnerability and weakness information detected during the Remote Vulnerability Scan).


1. Go to your dashboard and find your Cyber Virtual Audit in your locations tab

2. Click ‘Share’

3. Click ‘Share with a buyer’ if your buyer is not already listed on this screen

4. Enter your buyer name and click ‘search’

5. Click ‘Share’ next to your buyer name

6. Click ‘Sharing’ in the blue crumb trail at the top of your screen

7. Find your buyer and click ‘Share audit results’

8. Choose to share the summary or detail with your buyer

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