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How do I edit a Supplier Assurance Mapping request?


All requests are marked CORRECT by default and are grouped together if the same product is shipped to multiple locations. If you need to edit this shipping information, you will first need to turn off Grouping using the filter on the right-hand side.

If the product information request is not correct or you want to change or add information, you can choose the relevant link within each product request.



The Supplier Assurance Mapping Initiative is a global program started by key automotive OEMs who have partnered with the service provider NQC. Some organizations want to know more about their supply chains for key products to help them to manage continuity and prepare for possible future impacts that events may have that could disrupt their supply chains.

The Supply Chain Mapping initative is available at an additional cost. For further information on this initiative, please contact us.


More Information

The ‘manage shipping from location’ link can be used to change the current shipping from address or input additional addresses. The new location may already exist on your account, and if so it will appear in the drop-down. If not, you can create a new location by choosing that option in the drop-down. You can add an additional shipping from address (as well as the current location) by ticking ‘Add an additional shipping from location (Create a new request)’ and then click ‘Save’.

If you want to process some of the requests while you confirm others, you can choose the Exclude request link and come back at a later date to confirm. This will mark the request as EXCLUDED, and it will remain in the Received tab when you press Confirm Requests whilst any others will be moved over.

If the information is incorrect and cannot be rectified using the options above, you can choose the 'This information is not correct' link.  This will mark the request as INCORRECT. INCORRECT requests will be moved to the Confirmed tab, and will be relayed to your buyer. 


If you have any further questions regarding the SupplierAssurance platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

NQC will aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days.

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