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For some customers completing the SAQ 5.0 is a mandatory request for any existing or future relationships. If you have received an invitation, then it is because one of your customers would like you to complete the SAQ 5.0 or share an existing SAQ 5.0 that you or someone from your organization has already completed in the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform.


By responding and completing the request your customer invited you for, you demonstrate your commitment to your customer and to their sustainability program and can therefore enhance your reputation within the customer organisation. This request may also be a mandatory requirement as part of the customers supplier selection process or for compliance management and reporting purposes.


1. Sign in to your account on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform
2. Select 'Enter the invitation code' located underneath the 'Get started' link on the Dashboard
3. Enter the invitation code that you have received
4. Continue responding to your SAQ 5.0 and submit this for validation

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to use our Live Web Chat for immediate support. This feature is available 24 hours a day to provide you with guidance and support.

NQC will aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days.

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