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    "New vulnerabilities are discovered every day - if left unsecured, a cyber criminal will exploit them and attack"

    To truly protect against cyber attack, you have to understand how cyber criminals operate. You need to scan your web facing services, study the results and then secure any vulnerabilities.

    Not convinced? Try the complimentary QUICK scan now for immediate insight into your vulnerabilities. You can then register for CYBERSAFE CHECK and run a comprehensive scan and receive a detailed report with steps on how to safeguard your organization from cyber attack.

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    This complimentary QUICK Scan conducts less than 1% of the available live tests.

    NIST has reported [[VAR1]] additional vulnerabilities for the product versions detected in this scan. These are currently exposed to cyber criminals.

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    Register today and follow the same steps that a hacker takes - do what they do, see what they see and get the knowledge to secure your organization with CYBERSAFE CHECK. Created by NQC, in partnership with the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), CYBERSAFE CHECK is a comprehensive scan of your web facing services and an assessment of your cyber controls.

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