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Essential maintenance of the platform will take place on 18/06/2024 between 16:00 UTC+1 and 17:00 UTC+1 .
During this time the platform will be unavailable and registrations and logins will be disabled.

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    "New vulnerabilities are discovered every day - if left unsecured, a cyber criminal will exploit them and attack"

    To truly protect against cyber attack, NQC, in partnership with the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) will help you to understand how cyber criminals operate. You need to scan your web facing services, which includes your email system. This is a primary target for hackers to install ransomware, phishing scams and malware.

    Not convinced? Try the complimentary QUICK scan now for immediate insight into your vulnerabilities. You can then Register for CYBERSAFE CHECK and run a comprehensive scan and receive a detailed report with steps on how to safeguard your organization from a cyber attack.

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    By entering your IP/domain and email address you give consent for NQC to conduct a non-intrusive scan of your systems, and a safe and trusted test of your malware and email filtering controls.

    Your scan is taking longer than expected. This may be due to your firewall configuration

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    Vulnerabilities # Family Summary

    3 SECURE

    This complimentary QUICK Scan conducts less than 1% of the available live tests.

    NIST has reported [[VAR1]] additional vulnerabilities for the product versions detected in this scan. These are currently exposed to cyber criminals.

    Severity ratings mirror those provided by the National Severity Database ( which incorporates the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS, to assess the characteristics of a vulnerability and produce a numerical score indicating its severity. The higher the number the higher the risk of compromise.

    Critical : CVSS score of 10. The server is at imminent risk of compromise. Investigate immediately and mitigate where possible, remediate as a matter of urgency. You should aim to remediate within a week of detection.

    High : CVSS score between 7.0 and 9.9. The server is at risk of compromise. Investigate immediately and confirm the validity of the reported vulnerability, remediate as a matter of high priority. You should aim to remediate within two weeks of detection.

    Medium : CVSS score between 4.0 and 6.9. Investigate, assess the risk, schedule then conduct remediation if possible. You should aim to remediate within 90 days of detection.

    Low : CVSS score between 0.1 and 3.9. Investigate, assess the risk, schedule then conduct remediation if appropriate. You should aim to remediate within 180 days of detection.

    Live vulnerabilities


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    U.S. Department of Commerce

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