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Address sustainability issues in your supplier chain using reliable and accurate data

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is designed to be a first check of supplier performance on CSR/Sustainability by all participating OEMs from DRIVE Sustainability.

The SAQ is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons[1] and is delivered on the SUPPLIERASSURANCE platform, which collects and validates supplier sustainability evidence. By checking a range of supplier certificates and policies, SUPPLIERASSURANCE gives buyers highly accurate and reliable data to help mitigate sustainability risks and reputation damage.

This approach is highly scalable and easy to implement, because SUPPLIERASSURANCE provides an end-to-end service from supplier engagement and data collection, to analysis, validation and feedback. With little or no in-house resource, buyers can assess their whole supply chain and improve their sustainability performance.

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Scalable cost-effective solution, from engagement to corrective action

Using our cloud-based platform, buyers can provide a list of suppliers and we do the rest. Our workflow technology involves all sustainability stakeholders at the right time – buyers, suppliers, and data validators – to ensure a smooth journey from supplier onboarding to performance improvement. This approach provides significant savings on in-house resource and enables cost effective assessment of thousands of suppliers.

SAQ improves performance across a range of sustainability themes including Company Management, Environment, Working Conditions & Human Rights, Health & Safety, Supplier Management, Business Ethics and Responsible Sourcing. SAQ helps to understand key risks in the supply chain, so that organizations can act quickly and ensure they meet industry standards.

[1] Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0): US CSRe authorizes the use of the SAQ on the NQC Common Technical Platform.

How does the SAQ process work?

1. Data Collection

SUPPLIERASSURANCE works proactively to engage suppliers and collect accurate sustainability data. Suppliers upload certificates and other evidence to support their SAQ response.

2. Data Validation

Trained validators check quality and applicability of evidence uploaded by suppliers. If supplier evidence fails validation, the organization will be contacted and asked to address any issues.

3. Data Analysis

SAQ generates a sustainability rating for every supplier, and alerts buyers to risks in the supply chain. Ratings are split into each sustainability theme and buyers can also view category analysis.

4. Performance Improvement

Every supplier receives a Corrective Action Plan containing recommendations that can be implemented to improve performance. Suppliers can reflect their improvements by updating their SAQ at any time.

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